︎Vancouver, WA

︎Seeking full-time employment
︎Freelance Designer — Since 2008
︎Full time Designer at Designs of All Kinds in Vancouver, WA: Nov. 2012—Mar. 2020

Say “Hey!”
︎Email:hey@maniclevi.com, Instagram, Linked In

As a multidisciplinary designer, I approach every new project as an excuse to try something new whether it be a new style, a new medium, or a new methodology. I am a team player who loves the collaborative design process. My design influences include Paul Rand, Saul Bass, and Invisible Creature. I find inspiration in toy collecting, streetwear, NASA and Taco Bell.

When I am not working on my designs, my hobbies include tabletop games, both design and study, I coach competitive improv for a local children’s theater and spend quality time with my lovely wife. I collect toys, video games and sneakers; all things that inspire my work.