Levi Larson
Graphic Designer & Illustrator based in Vancouver, WA.

︎Graphic Designer @SLANT.LA — Since 2022
︎Freelance Designer — Since 2008
︎Production Artist & Marketing Designer @Vooks // Feb. 2021—Mar. 2022 
︎Full time Designer at Designs of All Kinds // 2012—2021

Say “Hey!”
︎Email:hey@maniclevi.com, Instagram, LinkedIn

As a designer and illustrator, I like to approach every project as an excuse to try something new. Whether it be a new style, a new medium, or a new methodology, I am always looking to add to my arsenal. I am a team player who loves the collaborative design process, and my style is influenced by Paul Rand, Saul Bass, and Invisible Creature, among others. I also find inspiration in album art, streetwear, NASA and Taco Bell.

When kicking back, my hobbies include tabletop games (both play and design), mixing tiki-drinks, coaching competitive improv for teens and spending quality time with my lovely wife. My love for design has led me to collect toys, video games and sneakers which are all things that fuel my creativity.